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me and becky

completely underwhelmed

I feel so let down. And I feel so guilty even saying it. But the time and energy and love and even pain invested into the friendships and family most of the Christians around me, I just feel like has come exactly full circle just like Covenant did. It doesn't make sense to anyone but me, and I'll get over it. I won't withdraw, I won't give in, I won't stop reaching out or being obedient. But at the moment, I feel so defeated and alone.

I am grateful for my blood relatives.


i'm sorry - been there and it sucks.

I think you're great - and I'm a Christian, A total Jesus Freak of a Christian!
I love that about you! (I mean the part about you being a total Jesus Freak of a Christian, not necessarily the part about you thinking I am great.... )

could you move to Indiana please?
and bring your sister with you??
yes, but that would also mean I'd be bringing Frank-the-dog-slapper plus nine other children...
I have been meaning to come back and tell you that Frank the dog slapper is always welcome in my house, however, Ruby Blue the child (people) lover, might slap him first. Just in love, cuz she's so sweet...

(notice how I had to put the (people) in there, because without it, it just looked perverse...
that does suck. So sorry, babe.
I know you understand....being obedient in how I respond to things is the hard part...

I like that icon SO much!

I took a bath and used the last of my sugar scrub from you the other night. Sorry, but I can't think about you in the bathtub anymore... LOL
we would love for you to bring frank the dog slapper with you if that means jeney and troy are part of the deal :)
that will never do--I better get some more scrub off to you immediately!
and I like your icon SO much :)